Three Richmond Park Academy students in Richmond Park.
RPA students took over Richmond Park on Friday 2 October when they undertook the annual sponsored walk. Friday was one of the most beautiful days of the year and that was reflected in the fantastic attitude exhibited by students and teachers alike! All teachers at the check points throughout the walk received a number of positive comments from other park users about the behaviour and were very impressed by the fundraising targets that we had.

This year’s walk is raising money for Cancer Research UK and Save the Children. So, if you have a completed sponsorship form, or just want to help us beat our 2014 total of £4500 with a one off donation, start the ball rolling by going to ParentPay now.
You can download a
Sponsorship Form here

Please pay by Parent Pay

Please ensure all donations for the Sponsored Walk are made via Parent Pay. This will negate the need for students to bring cash into school and also lower costs to the school.

If you do not have log in details for Parent Pay please contact finance@richmondparkacademy.org and we can provide these.

Many thanks for your support.

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