6th form students in a science lesson
Teaching and Learning is the core activity of all that is important to us at Richmond Park Academy. We constantly aim for outstanding lessons where outstanding learning takes place so that our students can make exceptional progress. We ensure lessons are interesting and enjoyable, where the topics are taught in a lively and relevant way and where creativity and inspiration are encouraged.

Teaching is led by Julie Johnston, Vice Principal, and is supported by James Cook, Assistant Principal. Together they monitor the quality of teaching and learning and arrange for staff training where appropriate. Support staff and teachers have access to high-quality professional development and each year staff identify new areas of their practice to develop.

In the last Ofsted inspection (October 2012) nearly 80% of lessons observed were judged to be good or outstanding. This continues to rise. In the Ofsted inspection, we were praised for having teachers that 'have secure and enthusiastic subject knowledge… have productive questioning skills and use technology confidently… Lessons were lively and students’ interest was sustained through a variety of activities.. (the approach taken in an observed lesson).. contributed significantly to (students’) spiritual, moral, social and cultural development’. All our teachers in the 6th form teach excellent lessons and many have been chosen to do so because of their skills in enabling students to achieve the highest of grades.Each year staff meet through Action Learning Sets, where staff investigate enquiry questions about teaching and learning. This year's focus is 'Assessment for Learning' and we are working with SSAT and EEF on this project. These communities meet once every half term, aspects of teaching are discussed and experiences shared in a collaborative, honest and supportive way, with individuals all obliged to follow up the discussions. The objective is to raise the standard of every teacher and therefore further improve student learning. We are a part of the Richmond Teaching School Alliance, we work closely on teaching initiatives and training with our sponsor, the AET, and are a key recipient of teaching trainees with a number of universities, all graded outstanding for their teaching provision.