For children in Year 10 beginning their GCSEs in 2015, to take in 2017, maths, English and science will be judged on a scale of 1-9, where 9, at the top, is equivalent to the top of A*, and 4 equates to a low C. 5 (C+/B-) will be the expected ‘good’ GCSE grade. Year 10 targets will be against the 1-9 system when we have made the transfer from current GCSE and National Curriculum grading systems.

For children in Year 9, beginning their GCSEs in year 10 in 2016 for examining in 2018, most subjects will follow the 1 - 9 grading system.

In addition to this new numerical GCSE system, the government will also judge schools against a number of measures including Attainment 8 and Progress 8 which are the attainment and progress made in the child’s best 8 subjects at GCSEs against the starting point of Year 6 test results - whatever these may be . Targets for all year groups will be set to ensure a positive Progress 8 score.

RPA staff are aligning their curricula with our new assessment system - ‘Doddle’ - that we will be using in Years 7 - 9. Doddle is a quick, easy and personalised system for assessing and measuring progress. The progress reporting system in Doddle gives a consistent assessment framework across the school and powerful, meaningful reporting for staff and parents/carers. More information will be available as we roll the system out this year; as can be seen, this is a large and complex task and the data team is working hard to implement the changes accurately and quickly.

We hope to be able to allow parents to have their own direct log-in to access a student's report at key points during the year.

GCSE Timeline

Parents and carers will be aware that a plethora of changes to assessment at GCSE and AS and A Level are now upon us. Click on the link below to see the grid to see how these changes will affect your child. Current Year 7 children will be subject to all the changes listed.