We not only have over 10,000 books but, also, newspapers, magazines,games, brainteasers, computers and internet access - all available between 8 am and 4 pm every day.

We are very proud to have a very large selection of fiction books with all the students’ favourite authors and series, a lot of new authors to try as well and a large supply of classic fiction. Examples include; the Cherub series, The Hunger Games trilogy, the Beautiful Creatures series, and a range of 19th and 20th-century fiction including Dickens, Austen and Henry James.

A student reading in the library
We also have a great non-fiction section with all the books needed for homework and learning. Whether students need a book on electricity or World War II, or just want a book about dangerous creatures for fun, the librarians will be able to find what is needed.

Everyone at Richmond Park Academy has the right to use the library and borrow books. We encourage students to use the library often for reading and studying so they produce excellent homework. Almost all books are available for students to borrow and take home for two weeks and everyone is automatically a member of the library when they join the school. We ask that books are looked after and returned on time or renewed if needed for longer.

Chief Librarian: Ms Frean (

Encouraging that reading bug

Between 25 January and 4 February, RPA welcomed the Borough Librarians into school. This is the second time in three years that RPA has been selected as a venue for the Borough Librarians which the Library team are delighted with. The Librarians came in and read aloud extracts of newly published books to our Year 7s. This has always been very popular with our students in the past and the books that the librarians recommend are usually highly in demand for months afterwards.

Fall in love with reading

There is no lack of initiatives from the Library team. They have organised a Valentine themed reading promotion with the display designed by Paige in Year 8. This has been instantly popular with Year 7 girls interested in the selection that we have pulled off the shelves to promote! These projects have real results for our school. 116 million words have been read by our students in the first half of this academic year and we have 19 reading millionaires already!

Accelerated Reader Programme

Accelerated Reader logo
Here at Richmond Park Academy, we use the Accelerated Reader programme. We are thrilled to have the world’s most widely used reading software that helps raise literacy standards by motivating and supporting students of all levels and abilities. Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading programme tailored to each individual student, designed to increase the love of reading and in turn, levels of achievement. Scientifically-based research shows that students using AR perform better in all academic areas than students who do not use the software. Click here to read more.