Mr E Walker - Subject Leader

At Richmond Park Academy, we believe that drama is a challenging and rewarding academic subject.

We aim to:

  • encourage our students to think and behave creatively
  • enable them to examine issues and emotions from perspectives other than their own
  • help students develop practical skills
  • foster an appreciation and understanding of drama as an art form
  • encourage critical, reflective thinking at every level
  • assist in developing confident, co-operative and self-disciplined young people

Drama is taught as a subject in its own right. From the very beginning of Year 7, we train our students to work effectively and cooperatively in groups; to work towards original, imaginative performances and to evaluate, fairly and critically, their own work and that of others. At every level, students explore text, improvisation and live theatre from the perspectives of actor, director and critic.

Key Stage 3

Year 7Students are taught on a carousel basis in Year 7 with one terms' intensive drama for each student. In Year 7 we focus on an introduction to the subject, looking at the basics of staging a piece. This is followed by our own ghost story concentrating on the development of linear and non-linear narrative.  We finish Year 7 lessons with the emphasis on drama styles and scripted work.

Year 8At Year 8 there are two types of drama lesson. Every student will have one term's lessons on a carousel basis.  In these, we start with scripted work before exploring physical theatre and mask focusing on Commedia d'ell Arte. There is also an option to take drama as part of a taster session. In this once a week lesson we will be creating a performance in groups from a simple idea and coming together to shape an overall play.

Year 9At Year 9 we are excited about our new mini-option course. Students opt for drama and study the subject for three lessons each fortnight. We are concentrating the first half of the year on mini-GCSE units, giving students a taste of what the subject would be like in Key Stage 4. The work includes performance of devised and scripted pieces as well as exploration of text.

For the second half of the year we are hoping to offer students the opportunity to study for the Arts Award, a nationally recognised qualification in the arts awarded by Trinity College London. Students will have the opportunity to study an arts practitioner, take part in a performance and teach others a performance skill.

Key Stage 4

Year 10 follow the new EDEXCEL GCSE 1-9 drama course. They are taught a broad range of drama performing, designing and analytical skills. The course is largely practical in delivery and has practical and elements to the assessment. Students will be expected to attend regular theatre trips.

Component One - Devising (40%)
  • Part One - A portfolio showing evidence of ideas and learning (25%)
  • Part Two - A practical performance or design from a stimulus (15%)
Component Two - Performance from text (20%)
  • A performance or design piece of existing text.
Component Three - Theatre makers in practice (40%)
  • Part One - Answer a question on how you would approach an extract of pre-studied text as either a designer or performer 
  • Part Two - A review of a live performance

Extracurricular Activities

2017/18 Drama Production: Legally Blonde
Auditions in November followed by rehearsals every Wednesday and Thursday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Year 7 and 8 Drama Club
Every Wednesday during second break (from 1.00pm to 1.30pm)

Year 11 Drama Catch-up
Every Friday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm