KS2-KS3: Modern and Ancient Languages

  • Age 7/14: Compulsory language of any kind (Foreign Languages), removing previous requirement to learn from list of either French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, Latin or Ancient Greek
  • Age 7/11: Appreciate song, poems and rhymes in foreign tongue, understand basic grammar, hold simple conversations
  • Age 11/14: Now becomes Modern Foreign Languages. Changes to previous curriculum are that students are expected to be able to initiate conversations, read a range of authentic stories, poems and letters, and to do translations into English

Modern Foreign Languages at GCSE

  • Listening, reading, speaking and writing will be weighted equally
  • Ofqual will consult separately on the assessment of the practical skills of speaking and listening. This is not included in Ofqual’s current consultation
  • Tiered papers
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