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Live at the Rose

Live@ The Rose 2015
Introduced in 2010, Live@TheRose offers secondary school students the chance to sing with a live band in a professional venue. Open to vocal students, choirs and vocal groups, Live@ The Rose features solo, group and massed items.  Many secondary students attend gigs in their spare time and by making the event "gig-like" in its format we aim to bridge the gap between viewer and participant. 

Richmond Park Academy has participated in this exciting event for the past three years. Choir has a rehearsalsat the Richmond Music Trust on Thursday 25 June, leaving school at 2.30pm. The performance is on Wednesday 1 July and students will be off site all day (letters have gone out to parents).

Please find the sheet music to learn attached below as a PDF file and the three pieces of music that we are performing with other choirs in the borough. These must be learnt by the end of half term (part three). 

Live at the Rose