Ms MJ Blease - Subject Leader
Ms J Gordedo

Psychology is essentially the study of mind and behaviour. It provides a valuable opportunity for students with inquiring minds to engage with some profound questions relating to human nature and society within a structured and scientific framework. The GCSE offered at Richmond Park Academy is a fascinating course that centres around five key approaches:

  • Biological Psychology: Explores how biological factors, such as genes and chemicals, influence behaviour
  • Cognitive Psychology: Examines the functioning of the mind and mental processes
  • Developmental Psychology: Studies the ways in which people’s minds and behaviour change over time
  • Social Psychology: Focuses on how we respond to and are affected by others
  • Individual Differences: Reminds us that we are not all the same and how each individual is unique

The course will also provide the opportunity to develop important skills such as demonstrating and applying knowledge and understanding building to interpretation, evaluation and analysis of psychological data and practice.

Key Stage 4: Course Outline

Unit 1: Sex and Gender
Unit 2: Memory
Unit 3: Attachment:
Unit 4: Obedience
Unit 5: Atypical Behaviour
Unit 6: Criminal Behaviour
Unit 7: Perception
Unit 8: Cognitive development
Unit 9: Non-verbal Communication
Unit 10: The Self
Unit 11: Research in Psychology