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A classical afternoon out at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

posted 23 Mar 2016, 08:02 by Michele Colt
RPA students enjoyed free tickets to see Shakespeare's Twelfth Night at the Globe Theatre this term. The RPA staff correspondent cannot top the report written by Y7, Violet. Read on for a fantastic review of the day. 

"On Tuesday March 8th the Yr. 7 students of RPA ventured into London for an exciting, eventful and educational day out to Shakespeare’s Globe to watch the marvellous Twelfth Night! It truly was a day to remember…

The students took the train to reach their destination and along the way viewed many of London’s majestic landmarks. Once we reached the Globe everyone stopped and marvelled at the theatre’s beauty and Tudor design as we consumed our lunch and sipped our drinks. Everyone was buzzing with excitement although some were unsure whether Shakespeare’s fancy words would baffle them! Little did they know that the actors would clear their minds of confusion by adding little twists and modern costumes.

After being given a ticket we made our way into the Globe. It was a beautiful sight to behold! You could just imagine William Shakespeare himself directing his cast as they stood on the stage in their graceful Tudor clothing. While we were all seated and the other schools came flooding in, a few members of the cast came to welcome us to the Globe, informed us a little of what Twelfth Night was about and hoped we would enjoy their play. I think doing this relaxed everyone and helped us have a better understanding of the play’s plot.

It was a brilliant production as they still kept Shakespeare’s words but wore modern clothes and set it in more modern places and also added in a few modern songs for the audience to sing along with. I think this helped those who were less familiar with Twelfth Night understand what was going on! The cast really grasped the character’s personalities and acted just as they would’ve done in the 1600s. The actors made us all feel happiness throughout with lots of entertaining jokes to make us laugh out loud! A marvellous day for all of Yr. 7!"  Written by Violet Harvey, 7T1