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Ask me - I'm a student (final instalment)

posted 10 Jun 2013, 03:59 by Web Admin
Submitted by admin.rpa on Fri, 07/06/2012 - 10:16

There is probably no better way to find out what is happening at RPA than to do just that - ask a student. As our Year 11s prepared to leave us to move on to the next phase of their education, we talked to them about their time with us - and, over the next few weeks, we will share their responses with you. Here is the fourth and final instalment:

This school really makes you feel at home.  It’s full of a rich diversity of people from different backgrounds and it really prepares you for the future.  I learnt how to play the guitar in this school, and the teachers kept pushing me even when I found it hard to keep playing.  This school really is the real deal.


By Daniel Okoli

RPA, no matter what the word on the street is, is a good school.  The education experience has allowed students from this school to apply for grammar schools such as St Pauls or Tiffins for me.  The social skills that I have gained allow me to settle in most or all environments that I am put in.


By Shabaaz Mirza

RPA is a great school to come to as it offers many great opportunities to widen your knowledge on a daily basis.  This is vital for the foundations to get good GCSEs and do what you want in life.


By Charlie

When I leave RPA I will miss my friends of course but my teachers as well.  They treat us as mature young adults and care a lot about us and our futures.  I’ve had so many great memories at RPA that I will never forget thanks to all the great opportunities my school has given me.  I will miss RPA a lot when I leave for sixth form but I feel prepared for what’s to come.  My advice would be to take every opportunity given to you and work to your full potential.


By Scarlett English

These five years have allowed me to grow as a person (cringe but it's true).  I’m now more independent and positive.  Richmond Park Academy has helped both in my educational and personal life. I’m looking forward to college, but I will definitely miss RPA.


By Anonymous