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Bake Off Winner announced!

posted 23 Nov 2016, 11:23 by Michele Colt
Congratulations to our four finalists from Tuesday night's Bake OffElizabeth Pass was the winner with some fantastic pear cupcakes, which she made into a bonfire for her Bonfire Night themed showstopper - she wins 1,000 points for Shakespeare Lions.
Tom Methven came in a very respectable second by 3 points with his apple and blackberry pie - made his own pastry and custard in an hour! 750 points for Dragons. Lara and Esme share third. Esme had to think on her feet when her Swiss roll cracked, so made a layer cake and whipped up some meringue. Lara made a very nice apple strudel full of flavour. They share the 500 points between Foxes and Bulldogs. 

Thank you to Ms Hunter for letting the finalists take over her kitchen and to all our, very lucky, judges!