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Engineering Challenge

posted 16 Apr 2015, 01:32 by Phil Broughton
RPA students with their Spaghetti tower
Students in Years 7 and 8 took part in an Engineering Challenge in their Houses as part of Science and Engineering Week. Students were tasked to create the tallest freestanding tower out of spaghetti (uncooked!) and jelly babies. This tower then had to support a marshmallow at its peak - easier said than done! The results were amazing, with many groups succeeding in creating a tower that didn’t collapse.

Overall the winners were the Lions from 7R4 who managed to create a tower in only 15 minutes that measured 68cm. The standard of building was excellent across the board, with students learning about the favourable strength of triangles. All students should be proud of the way they took part in this activity, with many tutors praising the thought and skill of their tutees.

Well done everyone!