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posted 10 Jun 2013, 03:41 by Web Admin
Submitted by admin.rpa on Wed, 06/20/2012 - 16:34

Richmond Park Academy has just hosted Jess, a Teach First student teacher, on her observation week which she has to undergo prior to her 2 year placement in a school in West London. What is Teach First? Their website says: “Teach First harnesses the energy, enthusiasm and drive of exceptional graduates to provide leadership, motivation and, above all, inspirational teaching in schools in challenging circumstances across England.” Jess asked to spend her induction week in RPA because we know each other. I used to teach her French; she has now just completed a degree in French and philosophy at Oxford University as well as a period of time in China, learning the language and teaching English. We have kept in touch and last year she asked me if the academy could accommodate her for this mandatory experience. This is what she wrote at the end of her week with us:

“ I really enjoyed the week with you all, and have come away with a lot to think about and a set of experiences and notes which will be really helpful when I start summer institute this Sunday. It was a real privilege and a pleasure to meet both your pupils and your staff. I saw some teaching which really inspired me and has given me plenty to aim towards, and I felt reassured that I've chosen the right thing to do for the next few years at least - I can't think of another job which has the same mixture of interest, challenge, responsibility, variety - I know it will be tough, but I hope to rise to it. I've also come away with a great view of RPA which I will certainly share if I ever meet any parents-with-school-age-children down Richmond-way - I thought there was a brilliant ethos, and that it would be a great place to teach.”

Teaching needs young people like Jess so I am sure we will all be wishing her well – and who knows, in a couple of years, we could have her joining us on the staff of RPA.