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Former staff and students' praise for Dr Rinne

posted 13 Jun 2013, 03:28 by Comms Admin
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Dr Rinne will be leaving Richmond Park Academy to take up a new post with AET at half term. We asked for your comments about your experiences of studying and working with him during his 32 years at the school. Here are some of the responses we have received so far.


Fantastic to Work With

"I taught with Paul from 1990 to 2002.  I now live in Canada.  Paul was fantastic to work with.  His enthusiasm was great fun.  I loved the way he inspired all the students and was able to get such fantastic work from them.

I often tell colleagues here in Canada of his great ability to get the best creative work I have seen and so his reputation goes far and wide!  I will always remember the staff badminton and tennis games on Fridays after school to end the week, cracking occasions.  Great memories."

David Holl (Ex PE & Head of Year)


Absolute Legend

"We left the school in 2004 and can't believe you're even still there!  You're an absolute legend in our eyes (you gave us both a B).  If it wasnt for you I wouldn't have been able to come back in and take art.  Art was always our favourite lesson!  Most teachers didn't give us the time of day (and seeing how bad our behaviour was I'm not surprised) but you always saw good in us and helped us so much along the way which is why we always had so much love and respect for you!  We wish you all the best!  Go and put your feet up.  You deserve a medal for your dedication!  We love you!"

Roxy Connolly & Lisa Foster


Key Figure

"Although Dr Rinne didn't actually teach me, he was a key figure at the school, who always took interest in how my football was going!"

Freddy Champion (Football player at Queens Park Rangers FC)


Enormous Enthusiasm

"Dr Rinne taught three of my children at the school and impressed me with his professionalism, enthusiasm, kindness and wit.  He was a 'stand out' teacher and influence.

My eldest son, Freddy, has always felt he was a positive force in his school life and when, on his degree course in Film & Video, he needed to raise funds to make his graduation film it felt natural to talk to Dr Rinne about it.  He, of course, showed enormous enthusiasm for the project and even organised a contribution, for which Freddy was extremely grateful.

Freddy is now working as a researcher in TV, after almost 2 years at the BBC, Ellen has just started a degree in Graphic Design at St Martins School of Art, and Polly is in the upper sixth form at Twyford hoping to study at the London College of Fashion.

Thank you, Dr Rinne, for your inspiration, faith and support. All the best for your future."

Kate Fishenden (Mother of Freddy, Ellen and Polly Mercer)