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Heatham House recording trip

posted 22 Jul 2014, 02:02 by Phil Broughton
Students at Heatham House Recording Studio
On Wednesday 16 July we went to Heatham House Studio in Twickenham to record ‘Unfaithful’ by Rihanna.
The group was made up of Jess, Layla, Agnes and Joeliza. We had split the chorus into a three-part harmony and then had solos in the verses. Layla sang the first verse, Jess and Joeliza sang the second verse and then Agnes sang the bridge.

My first impression was that the building was more like a house. We didn’t expect the studio to be made up of two separate rooms. One had all the instruments and the vocal recording booth. There was a glass partition to the recording room where Dwayne used Pro-tools to mix our track. Dwayne was our producer and he put the track together well even though we didn’t have that much time to record.

At first we were nervous because we had to record on our own which was quite a lot of pressure. After a while we got more comfortable and sang better. Dwayne thought that as a girl group we had a real shot at entering X-Factor and that he was keen to help us. The end result is really good. He has added reverb and delay to our voices to create the best sound.

Layla and Jess (Year 9)