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posted 14 Jun 2013, 01:02 by Comms Admin
Submitted by admin.rpa on Tue, 02/26/2013 - 08:31

This article has been copied from an official communication from the Department for Education emailed to RPA on 15 February 2013.

There have been reports today that horsemeat has been found in processed beef products supplied to some schools. This follows the publication by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) of test reports received from meat processors and suppliers.

Whilst advice from the FSA suggests that there is no public health risk associated with this contamination, it constitutes a serious breach of consumer trust. Schools and local authorities will share the Department's concern and may wish to let parents and pupils know about any action they are taking.

The list of affected meat processors and suppliers can be found here.

If schools think that they are directly affected, FSA advises they should either contact the Trading Standards or Environmental Health team within their local authority, or contact the FSA food incident team on 020 7276 8448.

We are working closely with the FSA and other government departments as the FSA's investigation continues. Schools should also read the latest guidance on meat products for the public sector, which is available from the FSA website.

If schools have any concerns about their meat products, they should contact their caterers, suppliers or local authority. For more information, see the FAQs on the Department's website.

Here is a message from Ms Hoitt, our canteen manager:

“I phoned our main meat suppliers last week to find out what the situation is with their beef products. They have currently put a ban on all frozen minced beef products while they undergo testing. Their fresh mince beef products have all been given the go ahead, and contain only beef. Thankfully, because we are a healthy school, all burgers we sell within our canteen are made with 100% fresh minced beef, and because of recent issues with beef products, we have made lamb our choice of meat for dishes like lasagnes, chilli con carne, burgers etc.”