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Japanese Taster Lessons

posted 12 May 2014, 09:10 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 12 May 2014, 10:01 ]

Japanese Taster Day

Japanese teacher teaching Japanese taster session
One hundred Year 8 students were lucky enough to have a visiting Japanese teacher in last week to give them an insight into how Japanese high schools differ to our own; the visiting teacher brought in some authentic Japanese student uniforms, school text books, bento boxes (like their lunch boxes) and other school equipment from Japan.

Richmond Park Academy students were shown what Japanese high school classrooms look like, how Japanese students are the ones responsible for cleaning their own schools, and what kind of evacuation drills they need to learn. In addition, they learned some Japanese greetings and had the opportunity of practising some Kanji, Hiragana and Katokana characters themselves.

Here's what one student thought of her experience; "Our Japanese class was excellent! Our teacher taught us what it was like to be a student in Japan. She also taught us how to speak Japanese and also write characters of the Japanese alphabets. Our teacher was really nice and answered all our questions. We learned a lot about Japan and what the school life is like. All of our class loved it and all got involved."

Maisie H
Year 8 Student