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Mayor on school duty at Richmond Park Academy

posted 17 Jun 2013, 00:37 by Comms Admin
Submitted by admin.rpa on Sun, 05/05/2013 - 16:34

The Mayor of Richmond, Councillor Rita Palmer, came to visit us recently - and spent long over her scheduled time touring the school, talking to staff and pupils and engaging in the business of the school day.

She had a look at Year 7 drama, met some of our young scientists, musicians and artists, did a sum or two in a maths lesson and spent time in our library, engaging borrowers and readers in bookish conversation.

Mayor of Richmond with RPA studentsThis important visit culminated in a question and answer session with a small group of students from various year groups who put the Mayor through her paces by asking astute questions about her role as the borough’s number one citizen.  During discussions, she told her young audience that she was there to serve the community of which they were an important part.  She invited them to visit - with their parents - the Town Hall and to sit in the visitors’ gallery to find out how Council business works. The debates, she told her young audience, were on a wide range of topics - and guaranteed drama!

When asked about her impressions of their school, the Mayor told the students that her morning’s visit confirmed her first impressions formed in a previous visit with Zac Goldsmith - and added to them.  ‘This is an organised, disciplined and happy place.  I have seen some really impressive education going on here this morning - with Latin too.  You’ll never regret learning Latin.  It will serve you well throughout your life.  I think this school has balance... academic and creative talents working side by side.  But most of all, you are all so happy’.

The Mayor thoroughly enjoyed her visit.  How do we know?  She stayed chatting to the Headteacher for ages after her appointed leaving time - and told us that RPA had made such an impression on her that, in her own words, ‘she wished she could go back to school’.