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Meet the parents

posted 26 Feb 2014, 06:35 by Phil Broughton
On Wednesday 12 February we were delighted to welcome so many parents of children from our locality primary schools. It was such a fantastic evening - so much so we had to get more wine!

This is a lovely opportunity for prospective parents to come into school and find out more about life at RPA, not from the staff, but from our current parents and students. Last night was particularly successful and we were so proud to hear of the excellent praise that parents had for staff, commenting how much they felt we cared about the children and that we strive to provide the best teaching and learning environment that we can.

One of our Year 7 parents commented: "We absolutely made the right choice in sending our daughter to RPA. She loves it here and has settled in so well. Not only is she exceeding expectations but, more importantly, she is happy. I never see her at the weekends because she is so busy with activities and seeing her friends, which is how it should be. It takes her 15 minutes to walk to school, so why would we consider sending her elsewhere, when she can be doing after school activities rather than a long journey home in the dark!"

Many parents attending said that RPA was their first choice and they were worried about what they would do if their child did not get offered a place.

The evening was hosted in our brand new Oak Tree Café and our catering staff certainly demonstrated the high standards we provide at RPA.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to all of our parents and students that helped to make last night such a success, your support is invaluable and means a lot to parents making important decisions about their child's future.