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National Science Week at RPA

posted 18 Mar 2015, 04:51 by Unknown user   [ updated 20 Mar 2015, 02:49 by Phil Broughton ]
Zoolab Snake
This week is National Science Week and as part of our activities in school we let loose giant snails, tarantulas, cockroaches, snakes, millipedes, scorpions, and geckos (to name a few!)  for the Year 7s thanks to Zoolab

Zoolab captured the attention of every single student, who were challenged by their conceptions, learnt about the animals and their natural environment and about the difficulties they face in the wild.

This opportunity allowed the students to touch a wide variety of animals and it was a great introduction to a unit they will be studying on ecosystems after Easter.

Isha, a Year 7 student, commented: "Zoolab was a great experience because we were able to see and learn about lots of amazing animals. My favourite one was Kellogg’s the corn snake because it was really interesting learning about how it ate its food."

Eleanor, a Year 7 student, also commented: "I really enjoyed Zoolab because we got to look at and interact with strange and beautiful animals. I loved looking at and feeling Ecko the gecko because it was really pretty and it had amazing colours."