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Parent Planning - feeding back

posted 16 May 2017, 04:06 by Michele Colt   [ updated 16 May 2017, 04:12 ]
The inaugural Parent Planning event which took place at the end of March was very well attended, despite the Westminster Bridge attack, with close to 90 parents and over 20 members of staff attending. The evening began with a short presentation from
Mr Mundy-Castle who outlined how the views generated by the meeting would impact on the thinking of the senior leadership team as they reviewed plans for September 2017 and beyond. Then it was down to business as each group shared their opinion about a broad range of issues that impact on the effective running of the school.

Subjects covered:

 Behaviour Saturday school
 Communication School planners
 Enrichment School reports
 Parent Masterclasses Summer school
 Primary Transition Uniform

Feedback was collected on A0 sheets of paper and electronically with each table moderator recording comments on a laptop. All comments were automatically collated. The feedback was detailed. We have spent some time reviewing it and will continue to do so across the next term. You can review those suggestions that we have moved forward on our new, “You said, we did” page on the website. As we continually review all levels of our school we will update this page so please do review it on an ongoing basis.

The Parent Planning event was well received by parents and staff alike with Mr Mundy-Castle saying, “I was delighted with the attendance and positive views shared at our Parent Planning event. Where there are recurring themes we will review our current practice and incorporate the ideas into our strategy for the next academic year. Where there are actions that we can take more quickly we will continue to do so. This is definitely an initiative we will repeat next year”.

Those who wish to add comments or share views can do so by contacting