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Primary school chess championship

posted 7 Feb 2014, 04:53 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 7 Feb 2014, 06:33 ]
Chess pieces
On Thursday 6 February Richmond Park Academy hosted an inter-primary school chess championship, which saw eight local primary schools compete to take the chess master title.

This was the rapidly growing secondary school’s third annual chess challenge, which was bigger and more competitive than ever. Hosted in RPA’s refurbished Hertford Hall this year’s challenge involved 12 teams of six children. There were 36 games of chess taking part at any one time.  Between games the competitors retired to join their parents in the brand new canteen, named by the Student Council as the Oak Tree Café.

Chess competition in Hertford Hall
Ashley Whittaker, a member of RPA’s Leadership Team and organiser of The Annual RPA Chess Challenge, adds:
“Each year this competition just gets bigger and better. Attendance has grown over the last three years and the competition is getting tougher. Chess is an excellent game for expanding children’s ability to strategize and understand the ‘thinking’ process, which is something that can be applied across all aspects of life.

We are delighted to have had so many children from the borough taking part and it is fantastic to have so many parents involved as well. This is one of many events that we host at RPA to involve local families in activities in the school, which also helps to familiarise children with life at secondary school. This is particularly valuable insight when they are preparing to move on from primary school; a time which can be quite daunting.”

The event was run by Tim Mortimer, East Sheen primary chess coach, he has been instrumental in making the chess challenge such a successful event.