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Richmond Park Academy proud of its GCSE students’ successes

posted 21 Aug 2014, 04:48 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 26 Aug 2014, 07:16 ]
Richmond Park Academy proud of its GCSE students’ successes, particularly in the single sciences, art, history and religious studies. 

Students opening their exam results
Despite the significant recent changes to how GCSEs are assessed and examined in England, and considerable speculation that nationally this would impact negatively on the cohort of students completing their courses in summer 2014, Richmond Park Academy’s students have excelled in the single sciences, art, history and religious studies.

This year has been a challenging year for students faced with reforms to the GCSEs, but Richmond Park Academy is proud of the 72% that achieved A* - C in English and the 62% of its students who achieved the same in maths.

100% of students achieved A* - C in chemistry and physics. Of these subjects, a third of those who took chemistry, and nearly half of students who did physics, achieved an A*/A grade. RPA’s art, history and religious studies results were also very impressive with 84%, 79% and 93% achieving an A* - C respectively. One student’s history marks are so high that we believe he will be in the top 2% nationally.

Lesley Kirby, RPA’s Headteacher, comments: “At Richmond Park Academy we have the highest expectations of all our students. This year has been a challenging one for staff and students both, due to the significant changes from central government to the exam system and grading, making a like-for-like comparison difficult to validate. Headteachers were warned twice in the preceding months to expect ‘volatile’ results. I am therefore thrilled for the students who have achieved what they needed in order to further their studies. Many have decided to pursue their post-16 academic careers at our sixth form that opens next month.

I would also like to praise and thank the staff, who, as ever, have proved themselves to be amongst the most talented and committed professionals I have worked with.”

The rapidly expanding secondary school is particularly proud of its high achievers, with over 10% of its students achieving five or more A*/A GCSEs. Six of the top performing students achieved an outstanding eight - ten A*/A grades. In addition, an impressive 22% of students gained A* - C grades in ten or more GCSEs.

RPA’s Head Boy, Fred, who achieved ten A*/A grades, comments as he first sees his results: “I’m just so relieved, it has been a long wait. I am so pleased with how well I have done. The teachers at this school have been amazing and I am looking forward to staying on at Richmond Park Academy’s 6th Form. I am planning to do maths, physics, biology and Spanish A-Levels.”

George, another successful student who achieved nine A*/A grades, adds: “I thought it was fantastic how willing all the teachers were to give up their own time to help us improve and learn.”

With 71% of RPA’s Year 10s (those set to sit their GCSE exams in summer 2015) already achieving A* - C in English and 63% in maths, and with 23% of these students already gaining an A*/A grade in English and 21% in maths, we are expecting to see outstanding results next year.

RPA’s Open Evening will be held on Wednesday 1 October from 6.00 - 8.00pm and all are welcome to come and see the school’s completed £10 million building redevelopment, which offers outstanding facilities and resources across all subjects.