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RPA Communications Manager telling it how it is

posted 22 May 2015, 00:50 by Phil Broughton
Michele Colt - Communications Manager
Richmond Park Academy's reputation as a local school for local children is growing apace and Michele Colt, the academy's newly appointed Marketing and Communications Manager - who works with us for two days each week - is in the process of discovering just what makes RPA tick. After just 25 days as an insider, she already has a wealth of news, views and success stories to share.

A resident of Barnes and East Sheen for 13 years, Michele was brought up in the comprehensive system and feels strongly, like many of her neighbours, about supporting local schools. Her two young sons are currently at East Sheen Primary where Michele is the PTA's co-chair. As a local parent, Michele has run sports events for primary kids and because her sons are at a local school she says that supporting them and their school helps her to get to know even more about her local community. With her sons' future in mind, she'd been keeping an eye on the developments at Richmond Park Academy. She says: "My elder son is coming here in September. I liked what I saw of the school from the outside and, now - as a member of staff - I can see even more clearly that there are some incredible academic initiatives going on here".

Why did Michele apply for this job? "I could sense a real impetus coming from the school and I wanted to be part of that. An important facet of my job, as I see it, will be to get regular messages out to local primary school parents about the strength of the teaching and learning happening here and the sense of care by the teachers for their students - which I am seeing daily. For those who don't yet know us well – and part of my job will be to remedy that - good exam results are how we will be judged because that is what is most obvious from the outside". When she heard a recent quote from our Head Girl about the difficulty of telling people how much she loved being at RPA and how fantastic the teaching was without sounding like an advertisement, Michele had sympathy with that. "I am all too aware of the danger of sounding like a sales pitch", she said. "I want our neighbours to get to know me, to stop me in the street to ask what is going on here, know that I will tell it how it is and that the truth is what they will hear".

Michele adds: 'As an over-subscribed school, we are real players in the local educational playing field. We must capitalise on that, communicating what is happening here and what our goals are for the future, pushing all the time to make things even better'.

RPA is an 'open door' school and Michele is now part of that. Please feel free to contact her either by email or through the school office, 020 8876 8891.

Mona Adams
Community Governor