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It's a Labour landslide at Richmond Park Academy!

posted 7 May 2015, 07:51 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 8 May 2015, 06:30 ]
Richmond Park Academy’s Sixth Form turn the Students’ entrance into a Polling Station for General Election day 

Richmond Park Academy (RPA) showed their commitment to the democratic process by turning the school into a polling station from 8 am today. A total of 498 votes were cast including a small number of staff with pupil turnout an impressive 70%. Tracey O’Brien, RPA Senior Vice Principal and Head of Sixth Form was acting Returning Officer and announced the results as follows: 
Students voting at the RPA polling station

Do not wish to vote 98 Liberal Democrat 31
Conservative 91 UKIP 42
Labour 179  Green 51

The results represented a resounding victory for Labour in the constituency of Richmond Park Academy. The “no vote” option on the ballot paper , favoured by 20% of voters, also highlighted the responsibility that vote holders and politicians have to encourage future generations to vote.

Kallum, a Year 12 student who was willing to share his voting preference, voted Conservative and said that he based his decision on watching the leadership debates, including Question Time, and on his own assessment of political history over the last 60 years.

Lesley Kirby, Headteacher, said, “I am so glad that the 6th form decided to hold our own RPA vote. We are very lucky to live in a country where voting is free and fair and I feel that people should apply their democratic right (gained after many struggles) to express their views. As we have now seen the RPA election turnout and outcome has not been reflected in the national results, but it is a fascinating insight into our young people's opinions. Well done to our 6th form team and students for making this happen.”

Ms O'Brien announcing the results