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RPA students produce phenomenal GCSE results

posted 13 Jun 2013, 01:20 by Comms Admin   [ updated 13 Jun 2013, 01:52 ]
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Despite the current widespread debate about how GCSE results were to be managed and evaluated this year – and national unease that, as a consequence, results overall would be down - RICHMOND PARK ACADEMY students have produced achievements which significantly outstrip our totals for last year.

Student with exam resultsOver all subjects, 91% of our students have gained 5 A* - C, representing an increase of 11% over last year’s figures.

For English and Maths, 61% gained 5 A* - C, an increase of l7%.

Our Maths results also show a massive increase. 73% got A* - C, up 21% on last year, with an impressive 16% gaining A or A*.

In English, the subject which was, for the nation’s schools, the biggest concern, 66% of RPA students achieved A* - C, representing an increase of 6%.

And the story doesn’t end there.Student with exam results

In seven key subjects (including physics, chemistry and biology) 93% got A* - C. In key national curriculum subjects, our A*/A results were significant. For example, in Biology, 32% got those top grades, in Chemistry 27%, in Physics, 27% and in ICT Additional, 29%.

Our top performing student – with 12 A*/A GCSEs to his credit – has just secured a place at St Paul’s.

Headteacher Lesley Kirby says: ‘Both students and staff have worked together as a team, combining focus, determination and aspiration to produce these great results. I am delighted that we have, Students with exam resultstoday, come of age, showing to all our friends, neighbours and the local community just what we are capable of’.

Simon Danciger, Chair of Governors, reiterates those sentiments. He says ‘This huge improvement in GCSE performance is just what our local community has been demanding and I am delighted for the many families who have put their faith in our outstanding teachers and are now reaping the reward’.

David Fuller, AET’s National Director of Education, Secondary and Post-16, says: These results are excellent and are a real credit to all at Richmond Park Academy. I congratulate all the students and Student with exam resultsstaff who, together, have worked so hard to secure these successes and achievements. Richmond Park Academy has made significant improvement over the last two years - well done to Lesley Kirby, the Principal, and her leadership team. I am confident that Richmond Park Academy will continue on its journey towards becoming the outstanding school the community deserves and I look forward to continuing to work closely with the Governors and the Leadership Team. (note: AET is the sponsor of Richmond Park Academy).

Council congratulates schools for GCSE results

We are already fielding calls from parents enquiring about places at Richmond Park Academy and, as a result, we are arranging for our school office to be open next week. If you would like to talk to us, please email or ring reception on 020 8876 8891.

The Year of 2012 - Comments

Advice for next year’s Year 11:

  • Revise and don’t give up. That’s the way to improve yourself (SK)
  • Work hard in Year 10 (RH, JS and many, many others)
  • Start revising a lot earlier; Revise from Day One! (KM, MO, ZS, CS and many, many others)
  • Work very hard through the whole year and don’t give up, e.g. with my maths I didn’t have hope and failed at first, but on my last try I passed! Attend all revision lessons and you will do well (UD)
  • Work, work, work (YF)
  • Don’t take any lesson for granted and work hard (WDO)
  • To revise every second and not to waste time (EAK)

How has RPA supported you in achieving your targets and goals?

  • Great – helped me out a lot
  • Given me good teachers and helped me a lot (RH)
  • Good teachers – approachable if you are stuck (JH)
  • Helped me get into college (LF)
  • Great, the teachers really supported me throughout these five years (CJF)
  • The teachers have been great; revision sessions (LV)
  • Quality teaching and revision (EA)
  • All my teachers supported me and believed in me so gave me the confidence I needed (KM)
  • They constantly help by having teachers on hand (ZS)
  • Lots of revision lessons!!! (UD)
  • Pushed me (CR)
  • They have been very supportive and encouraging (WDO)
  • The extra classes and support (BF)
  • The teachers always supported you and gave help when needed (CS)
  • They supported me well and helped me pass (MO)
  • All the teachers are supportive and always there to help (RA)
  • By supporting me in English Language to improve my English by helping me – thank you so much (EAK)
  • Very well, especially with extra revision (JB)

What would you say to a family considering RPA for their child?:

  • It is a fantastic school that will help your child achieve their goal (SA, GG)
  • It is a school where an intelligent child will be appreciated and made to shine (SK)
  • The teachers are great and the support is amazing – thank you to all the staff
  • It’s a great school! (OA)
  • The teachers will believe in you to do well and will help you to the best of their ability (CJF)
  • Bring them! (LV)
  • It’s a much improved school – thanks to all my teachers (BL)
  • It is such a friendly environment and the teachers never stop supporting you (KM)
  • You can achieve more than you can expect from this school which once had a bad reputation (ZS)
  • It is a good place to be and everyone is very friendly and helpful (WDO)
  • It is a very good school with an amazing teaching staff that will help you achieve what you want (CS)
  • It’s really good (RA)
  • I would recommend RPA because of great teachers (JB)