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Sparkling RPA production of Hairspray comes to Hertford Hall

posted 15 Jul 2017, 06:36 by Michele Colt
Over 200 people enjoyed 3 performances of Hairspray, the award-winning 1960s American musical, last week and wowed the audience with their enthusiasm and delivery. 

Rehearsals have been numerous and intense, often taking place during lunchtimes – a measure of the enthusiasm shared by both the cast, the crew, the set designers and the drama staff.  That level of commitment showed throughout the performance. 

The singing received fantastic reviews with Seaweed (Jonathon C), Link (Tom A), Motormouth (Lakenya T-S) and Amber (Ailani V) all bang on key, confident and convincing. Noam S B as Corney Collins shone throughout – not only because he was wearing a wonderful silver jacket but because his personality and stage presence consistently sparkled.  The costumes – so important in a production of this kind – were of their time, in vogue and in harmony. The set tableaux were expertly designed by the directors, perfectly executed by the players – and they all remembered to smile.  Both the blocking and the choreography of the cast were superb throughout.

The crew deserves a special mention as so much of a production's success depends on getting props on and off the stage quickly and smoothly.   This crew was well schooled and did an almost invisible job of shifting and lifting, a measure in itself of how successfully they worked as a team. The set designer and builder (Mr Chevous) did an incredible job with, we are told, various degrees of notice.

This was a superb performance by everyone which left Mr Walker, Director, delighted with the production and the support from the audience, “We’ll do 4 nights next year!” he said, already planning the next RPA production extravaganza!

You can see images from the show, taken by the multi-talented Mrs Wardlaw, below.

Hairspray 2017