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Up to 30 more Year 7 students from September

posted 5 Jun 2015, 03:48 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 16 Jun 2015, 08:32 ]
Science block at RPA
In response to the pleas of local parents unable to secure a place at RPA for their child for September 2015, RPA approached the Local Authority about adding an additional class to the 2015/16 cohort. The Local Authority has now agreed. The extra 30 places offered means we can help to reduce the anxiety of the primary/secondary transition for those parents and students.

This still leaves the catchment area for the next school year at under 2500m while giving RPA the opportunity to support those parents and children in our community who, due to catchment anomalies, were being asked to travel to the other side of the borough.

Headteacher, Lesley Kirby said, "Since the 2015/16 places were allocated, I have been approached repeatedly by disappointed parents who had been unable to secure a place. As Head Teacher, I do not have control over admissions. However, we at RPA felt very strongly that we had to offer what we could to support our local community. We are very happy that our approach was successful and look forward to welcoming an additional 30 students in September. All parents should be assured that we have the staffing, facilities and resources to enable us to have seven teaching groups in Year 7, and since there are seven classrooms in the Acorn, we can continue to use this space.”