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War Child

posted 9 Dec 2013, 03:36 by Web Admin   [ updated 9 Dec 2013, 03:49 ]

Education is a right – but not all are granted it, says local Richmond borough school  

War Child logo
Richmond Park Academy is supporting War Child, which is a charity transforming the lives of tens of thousands of children and campaigning to improve the lives of millions more in war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Uganda and Central Africa.

One hundred children aged between 11 and 15, from rapidly growing Richmond borough school, Richmond Park Academy, took part in producing a special film to support a campaign that War Child launched today, Monday 9 December. The children’s rights charity’s ‘Children of Syria’ appeal aims to raise more awareness of the plight of Syrian children in danger of becoming a ‘lost generation’.

Ben Knowles, Director of Fundraising at War Child, comments: “173 children flee Syria every hour only to face further threat to their safety inside insecure refugee camps. These children have seen things that no child, or adult, should ever have to see. They urgently need emotional and psychological support. The film we produced with Richmond Park Academy is part of an appeal that asks the UK to help us give these children back their childhood and hope for a better future.”

As well as offering outstanding teaching, RPA teaches its children the value of education in order to empower them to take responsibility of their own learning. The children that took part in the filming from RPA read personal letters from Syrian children to give compelling voice to the young boys and girls unable to speak for themselves, as well as representing the real life statistics that are the reality of the impact of war and deprivation.

War Child - Children of Syria Appeal

Lesley Kirby, RPA’s Headteacher, adds:
“The film we supported War Child to make aims to send a very impactful message about the realities of war for thousands of children. ‘Imagine if it were our children?’: this is the question the film invites us to ask ourselves.

We have been delighted to support such a worthy cause and we hope that our small contribution increases awareness and understanding of how privileged we are in the UK to have access to things we take for granted, like education. At RPA we strive to make our best better and this experience will have inspired our children to do just that.”

The ‘Children of Syria’ appeal will be launched on December 9th and the video produced with RPA will be available to download and share from YouTube.

Ben Knowles concludes: “War is the worst situation you can imagine for a child. Syrian children are being denied their basic right to education; but even worse, they are losing their families, homes and everything they believe in. We are hugely grateful to have the support of the pupils of Richmond Park Academy, who have given their time to help War Child bring to life the horrifying and tragic reality facing Syrian children.”

For more information about War Child or to make a donation to this hugely emotive course please visit