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What has inspired us...

posted 13 Jun 2013, 06:03 by Comms Admin
Submitted by admin.rpa on Wed, 11/07/2012 - 10:44

Our logo is an amalgam of AET’s and our own: Inspire Excellence: Make our Best Better. Read how 10W2 have been inspired this half term:

  • Sponsored walk inspired because it keeps you fit, to work for charities: George, Jamie, Vadim, Sonny
  • The teachers, because they push me to the best of my ability, so I can do well in the tests. They also help me out when I have a problem. Now I am more confident in my learning. - Nemanja
  • I have been inspired by GCSEs. They make me want to work harder. – Abdi
  • Music Btec has inspired me to make music and to play the guitar – Arman
  • Education inspires me- I can learn for free and educate myself alongside my mates- Alex
  • My inspiration since and before school is Tony Hawk. Not just because he skates but because he always stands back up after he falls, which for me is one of the things that helped me survive so long. – Nick
  • I have been inspired by the new teacher and new people in the year – Ramiya
  • People who have come from deprived backgrounds to make something of themselves. For example, Sir Alan Sugar from the Apprentice – George
  • Mr Stone has inspired me – Jamal
  • Going back to Year 10 inspired me to work hard and do the same in year 11 - Harley
  • Learning about the GCSE exams and assessments, it has inspired me to work hard and achieve high grades – William
  • PE has inspired me - Liam