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World Book Day at RPA

posted 7 Mar 2014, 07:03 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 12 Mar 2014, 03:18 ]
Yesterday, Thursday 6 March, we celebrated World Book Day with a host of activities.

Hats off to our staff that really got into the spirit of things and spent the day, including teaching their normal lessons, dressed as a character from a book. Pictured here you can see there was every character from Prince Charming to the Ghost of Christmas Future!

With thanks to all the Year 7 students who baked and brought in cakes for a sale to raise money for literacy charity Book Aid International, who Tweeted us to say our cakes looked very delicious saying: “… we’d be opting for the green cupcakes.” 

The day was concluded with a poetry workshop delivered by spoken word and rap artist Charlie Dupré. He inspired students and staff with a performance that brought together the importance of poetry and Shakespeare, our current Year 7 literacy topic. 

Kyrill Potapov, English Teacher at RPA and poetry workshop organiser, comments: “We want our students to be versatile and creative users of the English language. By introducing contexts and genres like slam poetry, we hope to broaden students' experiences and increase their excitement about the craft of narrative, whilst they are developing their own voice.” 

After his performance Charlie organised the students into groups, giving the titles to inspire them and setting them the task of composing their own poetry, which four groups got to perform in a poetry slam.

Some poems our Year 7 student groups put together in just 20 minutes:

Love Life
Lov’in life is easy as hell
Don’t run away like a cry for help.

Four minutes
I have four minutes
That’s just enough time for me to start and finish
You’re going down
Whilst I’m out of town.

Richmond Park
I felt myself freeze, as a chilling breeze blew past my head.
“Wow” I said to myself, “I wish I was in bed”.
The deer ran past me like I wasn’t there, then I even saw a bear! JOKES!
It was a frog in a pond going croak, croak, croak!
I looked at my watch and saw the time.
I was late I felt sour like a lime.
Well it’s about time.
For you to come up with a good rhyme!

Richmond Park
I got that slow
More than a stag
I’m the original 
People want me like a Nike back pack
My bars are so slick 
I see you feeling sick
Don’t worry I’ll just beat you fair and square

A special thank you to all the staff for your efforts and making it such a great day. Our students are also very lucky to have the experiences our staff go the extra mile to organise.

World Book Day 2014