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Write Here, Write Now

posted 17 Jun 2013, 01:35 by Web Admin   [ updated 17 Jun 2013, 01:46 ]
Submitted by admin.rpa on Sat, 06/15/2013 - 13:22

Richmond Park Academy Competition Winner!

Recently the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) launched a competition entitled 'Write Here, Write Now’, encouraging students to consider an extra scene (with script and/or music) to fit into the 'Matilda' musical, currently showing at the Cambridge Theatre, London. Thirteen year old Charli from Richmond Park Academy wrote a song originally entitled ‘Tell Ms Trunchbull’ which tells the story of school prefect Cecil purposefully getting Matilda into trouble on her first day at Crunchem Hall School. The piece was written for piano, strings, flute and voice with a two part harmony sung by Cecil and Matilda’s characters. With over 200 applicants for the RSC competition, judged by Tim Minchin, Dennis Kelly and the musical director for the show, Charli was shortlisted and then won along with seven other students from around the country. The winners’ prize took place on Tuesday 11 June and involved a whole class trip to the Cambridge Theatre where Charli’s piece came to life on the Matilda stage with the cast playing the parts she’d written in full costume with a dramatic set. This prize was accompanied by free tickets to see the evening performance of the show which was enjoyed tremendously by all students and staff.

Listen to Charli's composition

Teacher response (Ms Fairbairn, Subject Leader Music and Dance)

At RPA we try to provide students with a range of experiences and opportunities offered by fantastic organisations like the RSC. We are thrilled that Charli won this competition and that her entire class benefitted from such a wonderful day out. The performance was magical! Thanks to everyone involved!

Charli Eglinton response:

It was Mr Potapov, my English teacher, who encouraged me to take part in the competition. I was very interested in composition and I have a passion for musical theatre as well as story writing so this was the perfect opportunity to combine all three. The confrontation song in Les Misérables, ‘24601’, gave me the idea of putting two melodies against each other in a playground argument. It was exciting and weird seeing the piece performed on stage. I was really happy with their interpretation. I had the opportunity to meet the cast at a reception after the performance. The Musical Director was really complimentary which meant a lot. I got my programme signed too. I thought that the evening performance was really well choreographed and polished. It was better than I expected as you feel part of the performance. There are constantly lights flashing, loud sound effects and the children were brilliant. I would like to thank the RSC for opportunities like these.

Parents are thrilled for Charli

We’re so proud of Charli’s talents and so thrilled she has been given this amazing opportunity to express her creativity with such a prestigious organization as the RSC and Matilda the musical. We’d also like to praise the dedicated team at RPA. Her wonderful teachers have consistently supported and encouraged Charli to achieve incredible success, this is just one of many aspirational projects that Charli has been engaged in since she joined RPA. 'Matilda' has been a popular choice in our household for many years, we’re thrilled Charli will enjoy watching 'Matilda' at the Cambridge Theatre with all her classmates as well as seeing her own composition come to life by the cast of Matilda. Having the opportunity to meet the RSC team behind the musical is a dream come true for Charli who adores musical theatre.