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Year 10 visit to Oxford University

posted 10 Jun 2013, 03:45 by Web Admin
Submitted by admin.rpa on Mon, 06/25/2012 - 15:12

On 25 May 2012 ten Year 10 students visited Oxford University.RPA students on the Oxford University trip

Once we’d arrived at Oriel College - one of the many colleges that make up Oxford University - we were seated in a room with three other schools, where Oriel College student ambassadors each told us what they’re studying and about their day-to-day routine at the university.

Oriel College, OxfordWe were then all given prospectuses with a list of every subject available to study at Oxford along with a page of information about each one.  Worksheets were handed out and each student was asked to write about one subject of their choosing, what qualifications they’d need to be able to study that subject, what would help them be accepted on to the course and how the degree could be useful later on in life.  Everyone agreed this activity was very useful.

After this we were given a lunch break and taken into the dining hall at Oriel College.  It was spectacular and very Victorian looking!  We were served a free lunch to give us a taster of what sort of meals to expect.

Dining Hall at Oriel College, Oxford

After lunch we were taken to the Oxford Botanic Garden to take part in another activity.  We were given a talk on interesting plants in the gardens and then had to look around and decide which plant we would save if every other plant was to become extinct.  We were also shown the tree which J R R Tolkien sat under.  This magnificently huge pine tree inspired him to write Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.  He saw the garden as a place of retreat.

RPA students on the Oxford University tripLastly we were given a tour of St Hilda’s College accommodation and library.  Overall there were more than 60,000 books available along with over 1,000 new items added each year just at St Hilda’s.  The library is open 24 hours a day to make the books completely accessible for students.

The day ended with a final question and answer session with four student ambassadors studying at St Hilda’s College, just to make sure everyone’s questions were answered.

One RPA student described the experience as “Highly enjoyable and a good insight into university life.”

The majority of students have also reconsidered any doubts about going to university now too!

Article written by Zoe (10R1)