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Year 10 work placement students wow their employers

posted 1 Aug 2017, 02:21 by Michele Colt
During July, our Year 10s have taken part in their work experience with real commitment. Students realised early on that securing the job placement was the first challenge to be overcome. Some students started the process of looking for placements last autumn and have come across obstacle after obstacle in getting their placements arranged. Other students found placements at the eleventh hour and managed to find something which perfectly suited their career goals. Sectors that the students experienced ranged from banking and ICT to film editing and theatre. Regardless of how students found placements, there was much success to be celebrated within the year group.The employer feedback has been hugely impressive and has given students a real boost in confidence. We are very proud of how they represented themselves and the school. Feedback is shared below

HANAA B: During her week with us, Hanaa has been using PC and software we use to create CGI images. She is a quick learner and created her own great drawings. She has great communication skills and was able to create good working relationships with all of the team members. Hanaa took part in team meetings and has shown interest in understanding the context of the business and roles within the practice. She managed her time very well and did more than was required. Hanna was a real pleasure to have in the office during her week-long placement. She is a hard working, trustworthy and highly capable student, very interested in learning. We all wish her success in her future education and career endeavours. 
NJ E: "NJ is a great kid who carries himself with confidence of someone far older. He is very determined and driven. He shows that he can take responsibility for his actions and learn from his mistakes. He will do very well in whichever path he chooses to take. I wish him all the best."

LAWRENCE B: "Just want to thank you for sending another great person to us, Lawrence was really good and picked up things very quickly and is a real credit to your school. He came in on Saturday and sat with me for our half day and he came into my interviews to open accounts and was speaking to our customers as well. We are trying to promote mortgages and mobile phone banking in our branch and he was looking as to how we could be more visual in the branch but also when customers came in on saturday with their mobile queries he was able to also explain how the app works. The team really enjoyed his company. Once again thank you for someone who really wanted to learn what we do."

BOBBI-MAY W: "It has been an absolute pleasure having Bobbi working for us this week. She showed initiative and enthusiasm at all times and got along with all of the team really well."

OLIWIA R: "Oliwia was a pleasure to spend time with! She asked lots of interesting and thought provoking questions to myself and a range of colleagues in the settings we visited. There was a lot of new information to take in and I was impressed at how well Oliwia coped. She seemed pleased to be able to contribute genuinely useful information and was able to work self-sufficiently. Without doubt, she was a credit not just to herself but to all learners at Richmond Park Academy. Thank you!"

JORDAN D: "The students were put in teams of 3 or 4 and asked to come up with a bill/policy to present to Zac Goldsmith. Jordan and his team put together a great presentation using PowerPoint. Jordan was fantastic during his week with us. Enthusiastic and polite. He even asked to be kept up-to-date with campaign sessions, and was keen to do more."

OWEN J: "Owen knew what he needed to do and went above and beyond. All the staff loved having him here. An excellent student and a credit to the school."

JASMINE I: "Jasmine has had all sorts of tasks thrown at her this week (from prop making and sourcing, operating lighting desk, assistant stage management, working with young people, to putting together raffles!) all of which have had an element of problem-solving and using her initiative which she has excelled at. It has been an absolute pleasure having Jasmine with us here this week and she has been such a help to have around. She brought so much enthusiasm and willingness to learn every aspect of the work and shown a real aptitude for working in a busy theatre environment."

CHRIS S: "Chris immersed himself into a video editing project which required a high degree of accuracy and initiative, he took ownership of the project and completed it to a very high standard. He communicated effectively at all levels and built positive relationships with his colleagues. He worked with a high degree of autonomy, followed instructions effectively and required limited management. Chris was resourceful, efficient and self-motivated and applied a great deal of initiative to his work. He showed dedication and commitment to completing the project within the deadline. We take this opportunity to thank Chris for his hard work, commitment and support during his work experience placement and we wish him every success with his studies and future career."