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Year 7 - what a wonderful start to their secondary career!

posted 17 Dec 2014, 04:50 by Unknown user   [ updated 19 Dec 2014, 02:28 ]

100% of the Year 7 parents that we surveyed thought that their child was making good progress, that we meet individual need, we have effective leadership and management and, most importantly, we keep their child safe.

100% of the students told us they have enjoyed their first year, have made great friends, they feel safe and that they think their teachers are good.


Year 7 have had a marvellous start. As their first term draws to a close, we interviewed a number of students in-depth; asked parents on parents' evening; and scrutinised Year 7 mid-year exam data. What did we find?

 1.    Exam results 

 These showed that hugely successful teaching and learning has taken place over the first term:

  •  82% are on target to make good progress, with 42% of these on target for exceptional progress*, in English
  • The equivalent figures for maths are 92% and 63%. 
    *Exceptional progress means 5 or more levels over the 5 years, a full 2 levels above government expectations.

If this progress continues in the same way, 80% of the cohort would achieve a numerical grade between 9 and 5, using the new GCSE grading system, where 5, what will be a 'good' pass, will be equivalent to a B-/C+. Well done Year 7!


2.    Parent/carer feedback

100% of the Year 7 parents that we surveyed agreed that their child is making good progress, that we meet individual need, we have effective leadership and management and, most importantly we keep their child safe. 98% said their child enjoys school and that overall they are happy with their child’s overall experience at RPA.

Some comments from the Year 7 parents' evening questionnaire included:
  • "Very pleased with the progress and thanks for all the hard work"
  • "An excellent school and one I have recommended to many other prospective parents"
  • “My child is exceptionally happy and flying academically”


3.    The Year 7 voice

100% of our Year 7 students told us that they have enjoyed their first term at RPA, have made good friends, feel safe and that they think their teachers are good. 94% said that they have made progress in English and maths. When asked where they had made the most progress, the majority quoted maths in particular ("my maths teachers are great!" was a common refrain). 94% also said the Acorn has helped them to settle in well.

 Students were asked what they thought had been the best thing so far. Many cited making new friends; some stated - with pride - how their levels had increased.

One student said: "I arrived with a 6C in maths and I am now nearly a 7C!” 

Two other factors were much repeated: the facilities in the school and the amount of clubs, sport and extracurricular activities that were on offer. 

The last question asked - what we could do better next year for the new Year 7s and the most common response was “Nothing, keep it the same and it will be great again.” 

Here are some of the Year 7 students’ verbatim quotes about what they would say to someone considering RPA:

I would say they should come to RPA as there are many fun/exciting things and the teachers and level of teaching is great
It’s a kind and courteous school and they don’t accept bullies
It’s a good school, you make friends easily. The HT and HoY 7 are really kind and are doing their job well. 
The facilities are really good and the teachers are really supportive
Most of my friends have come to RPA, it is near to my house, and I heard it was a good school
I would say that it is very good, the teachers are also very good and your pay for your food with your finger!
RPA is a brilliant school, with lots of opportunities to do. There is a great atmosphere and excellent teaching
Lots of fun, you make friends, you learn a lot more
It’s a great school with wonderful people and teachers
You receive a great amount of education
I would say it’s so close to home and it is a very safe school
It’s a really good school to go to because nothing will happen to you and the school will help you in your equations
I wanted to come to RPA because the teachers are very understanding and the clubs are good
That the teachers are great and the facilities
That it is a really good school with friendly people and amazing facilities and learning resources
Great facilities, even better teachers. Way better education than what people pay thousands of pounds for
If you want fun subjects, then this is the place you are looking for