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Year 7 Parents' Evenings 2018

posted 12 Nov 2018, 07:43 by Michele Colt   [ updated 12 Nov 2018, 07:44 ]
Please note that due to the size of the Year 7 cohort, we have had to make some changes to how we organise the running of the evening:

Firstly, we have split the year group into two different evenings, with the X band having their evening this Thursday, 15 November and Y and Z bands having their evening on Thursday, 22 November. Splitting the year group ensures that you will have the opportunity to speak with as many of your child’s teachers as possible on the night.

We use an online booking service to book meetings with individual teachers. X Band parents will have received their booking instructions and should have completed their entries. Y and Z Band parents will receive their email invitation and instructions on Wednesday/ Thursday this week for their evening on the 22 November.

Once you have received the instructions you can contact us if you are having trouble with the for any reason. Please call Mr Lowe or Mr Rashid in Main Reception on 020 8876 8891 or email for support. 

Emails are being sent out separately to each band. So, if you have received an email referring to X, Y or N then your child is in that teaching band. You can also confirm which band your child is in by referring to their timetable; 7X pupils will have the code ‘7X’ in their core subjects of English, Maths, or Science and so on.

Finally, the focus of Parents’ Evening is on your how your child has settled into life at Richmond Park in all subject areas, and their attitude towards learning. Your child’s tutor may or may not be in attendance on the night (depending on whether they teach classes in your teaching band). However, please bear in mind that tutors are also teachers and as such their focus will be meeting with their own pupils’ families, and thus tutors may not be able to meet with you to discuss pastoral matters. Should you have any non-academic concerns, please contact your child’s tutor via email (addresses can be found on the school website).

On the night, please remember to enter the school via the main Visitor’s Entrance on Park Avenue, where you will be asked to sign in and be directed to the designated meeting areas. Also, please keep to the 5 minute limit on appointments, so that we may be able to speak with as many families as possible.

We look forward to sharing the progress of the Year 7 cohort with you across the next two weeks.