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Year 9 student is a commissioned artist

posted 17 Nov 2014, 01:44 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 19 Dec 2014, 02:35 by Unknown user ]
As part of a youth art project, Year 9 Richmond Park Academy student - Tyger - has sold his first piece of artwork for an impressive £300, following his pieces being displayed at an exhibition held earlier this year.

Tyger has been taking part in a project with local Richmond gallery - The Protégé Gallery. His drawing - pictured right - is a piece that was exhibited as part of the gallery’s collection ‘Relationships and the Internal World’. This exhibition was the beginning of Protégé’s year-long exploration of mental health and emotional wellbeing as seen through the artistic perspectives of established and emerging artists, and inspired by the stories and experiences of young people.

Tyger comments: “I’m taking part in this year-long exhibition and as part of it we had to draw something around the gallery’s theme and then the best ones got auctioned off. Mine was about mental health, so I drew a series of pictures, including the one I sold. I didn’t think too much of it but was shocked when a week later I got a call to tell me one of my pieces had sold for £300!”

This accolade is hugely deserved and is reflective of the massive amount of talent that this young RPA student has - congratulations Tyger, remember us when you are famous!