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Boulogne Trip - Update

posted 10 Jul 2015, 08:39 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 10 Jul 2015, 08:48 ]
​First of all, please let me apologise profusely on behalf of the school for the cancellation of the trip. The company contacted us late on Thursday night because there was a serious fault with the coach's gear box and it was apparently irreparable despite mechanics working on it for several hours. Ms O'Brien and myself tried to contact staff but of course they were asleep. Ms Schmitt contacted us very early in the morning, very upset at how her meticulous plans had gone awry, and began contacting parents and carers.

This morning I have spoken to a coach company representative and to the travel company's director, who have both been, as you might imagine, hugely apologetic. The travel company says this has not happened in 25 years and they certainly appear to be trying their utmost to make amends.

We have therefore been able to reschedule the trip for Monday 20 July with a rebate to each parent of £45.

For your convenience, we attach an updated letter regarding the trip and the details. Please sign the agreement form to confirm you would like your child to accompany the trip on Monday 20 July and return to Ms Schmitt by Wednesday 15 July.

Click here to open the letter.

Lesley Kirby