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Details of PGL Trip

posted 15 Jul 2014, 05:51 by Web Admin
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The PGL trip is now only a week away and it is time to think about packing!  Please find below essential information that will make this trip a success. It includes key times, tips about clothes and equipment to bring, and advice for parents and students.

Key times

Saturday 19 July
  • 7.15am: Register at school with luggage
  • 7.30am: Bus arrives and cases loaded
  • 7.45am: Bus departs
Monday 21 July
  • 6:00pm: Arrive back at Richmond Park Academy (Hertford Entrance)

Clothes and equipment

It is essential that these are adhered to as we don’t wish for any soggy, grumpy students during the weekend.

Here is a list of the equipment each student must bring:
  1. Sleeping bag and pillow
  2. Wash bag
  3. Two large towels
  4. Torch and batteries
  5. Plastic bottle for drinks
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Pen and paper
  8. Small bag/rucksack
  9. Labelled plastic bags/bin liners for wet items
  10. Pocket money (£1.50 per night, £10.00 - £15.00 for final night)
Clothes each student must bring:
  1. Plenty of clothing for outdoor activities (preferably old)
  2. Socks – including over ankle length
  3. Two or more fleeces / sweatshirts
  4. T-shirts (one long sleeved)
  5. Three pairs trousers - not jeans - (two for activities, one for evening)
  6. Two pairs of shorts
  7. Two pairs of trainers
  8. One pair of indoor trainers/shoes
  9. One waterproof jacket
  10. baseball cap/hat
  11. One set of disco clothes
All of the above should be marked with the student’s name AND the name of the school. Students are also advised to leave mobiles at home to avoid loss. We cannot accept responsibility for valuable items and only pocket money will be allowed in the group safe.

Code of Conduct

During every school trip the students are representing Richmond Park Academy and we expect the highest standard of behaviour and manners.

We expect:
  1. General conduct to be respectful and considerate
  2. Care and respect shown to centre buildings and equipment
  3. No leaving of site without permission
  4. Remember country code
  5. No entering of chalets used by other groups without adult supervision
  6. Absolutely NO naked lights, NO smoking and NO alcohol

Information for parents

Please do not contact the PGL centre unless it is an emergency. In case of an emergency during school time you should call the school main office. During the weekend and out of school hours please contact one of the teachers on the school mobile phone (07595 282675).  We are all hugely looking forward to the weekend and have no doubt that it will be a great success.

Kind regards

Year 8 Team