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AET Netball Tournament

posted 24 Nov 2014, 01:03 by Phil Broughton
RPA hosted the Year 8 Netball Tournament for AET on 12 November 2014. The school welcomed Aylward and Nightingale academies to compete during the day against RPA’s Year 7 and 8 netball teams.

Both teams played exceptionally well, especially as they haven’t started training for netball yet this year. Both the Year 7 and 8 netball team won against Aylward 4-0 with excellent team work, passing, shooting and defending skills. The girls worked hard to maintain their lead and beat their opponents. I was exceptionally proud of the girls for their behaviour and welcoming attitude to the other school in this match; they even helped some understand the rules and help them in the game.

The Year 7 and 8 netball teams then played against each other which showed real flare and determination from the Year 7 team. The Year 8s lost focus and the year 7’s gained a brilliant 6-1 lead in the first half. The Year 8s refocused and came back fighting in the second half, unfortunately for them the Year 7s played exceptionally well and won the game, and consequently the tournament 8-3. They will go on to represent RPA in the finals.

A special congratulations to Danielle in Year 8 and Hazel in Year 7 for winning player of the match.