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Borough Cross Country Championship

posted 4 Dec 2014, 00:44 by Phil Broughton
The morning of Friday 28 November saw a flurry of schools head to Sidmouth Wood in Richmond Park to race in the Borough Cross Country Championships. The Year 7 boys and girls raced the 1.5km perimeter of the woods with enthusiasm, determination and great effort; despite the large puddles, different gradients and lots of mud! All 12 students performed brilliantly and should be really proud of their efforts. Well done to Finn R in Year 7 who came fifth in the whole Year 7 boy race.

The Year 8 and 9s raced together where they faced a more challenging 3km run, twice around the woods. The students showed great school spirit and teamwork as they raced against several other schools in the Borough. As the race continued the students started to spread and some excellent runners from other schools made great progress. Regardless of placing all students worked exceptionally hard and ran their best to the very end. All should be really proud of themselves; a particular mention to Jude from Year 7 who competed against the Year 8s and 9s and showed some of them up!

Another mention to the Year 7 Sports Leaders who gave up their time to help out at the event. Here they marshalled, helped with injuries and entered important data to the help the competition run smoothly. They were brilliant and showed great enthusiasm and encouragement for those running throughout the day.

Year 7 Team: Hazel, Isha, Harriet, Keena, Rosaline, Finn R, Luke S, Jack W, Noah, Dan A, Jaidan, Jude.

Year 8 Team: Millie B, Ellie, Florence, Isobel, Danielle, Sydney M, Chris S, Hassan G, Leon, Emils and Levi.

Year 9 Team: Nada, Yasmin, Ella, Lucy T, Vitor, Jude, Dylan, Nabil, Jordan G.

Year 7 Sports Leaders: Katie C, Sydney F, Yashvi, Angelica, Molly R, Seraphina, Betty, Eleanor, Tansy, Maddy, Chelsea H, Rachel P and Selina.

Report by Ms Bird