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Netball Reports

posted 17 Sep 2015, 01:14 by Phil Broughton   [ updated 17 Sep 2015, 01:15 ]
Year 9 Tournament 
Thursday 10 September 
Report by Florence (9R3) 

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The Year 9’s were ready and confident for the tournament, the two teams that we were playing were Hampton Academy and Teddington School. The first match was against Hampton. We made a good start by making good passes to one another, a few mistakes were not sticking with our players but a few minutes in we had scored a goal. We continued to play well but then Hampton scored a goal. By halftime the score was 1-1. After having a discussion with the team we were all ready to go back on the court and win. Few minutes before the end we scored. Making the final results 2-1 to RPA.

After watching Hampton play against Teddington we knew what we were up against. We won the coin toss so we chose the first centre pass. We again played well but left our player a couple of times when defending. The opposition raced into a three goal lead and we pulled one back, making the score 3-1, but unfortunately by half time it was 9-1 to Teddington. Walking back onto the netball court after halftime we knew what we had to do to try and get another few goals. We played much better on the second half with quick passes and good use of space. Teddington were making silly mistakes which we picked up and used to our advantage. We got another goal near the end of the match. Final results though was 14-2 to Teddington.

The team should be very proud of themselves.

Team: Florence, Danielle, Manuela, Isobel, Amira, Ellie, Shannon and Jasmine.

Florence won both Player of the Match awards

Year 10/11 Tournament
Thursday 10 September
Report by Charlotte (11R1)

The netball season has begun with a group of Year 10s and 11s who have never played together before taking part in a double header against Hampton Academy and Teddington School. We made a striking start to the season although we unluckily had two losses. The first game had a result of 9-6 to Teddington with Anya as player of the match. Throughout this game our confidence as a team grew led to having most possession of the ball and making spectacular passes. Following this, we lost 9-2 to Hampton although we battled throughout the game and heat with a result of Jade as our player of the match. Knowing what areas we now need to work on, we will carry on powering through the season.

Players: Charlotte, Mary, Anya, Jade, Kiya, Jessica, Lucy and Holly