Amsterdam Trip 2016

Amsterdam trip collage
1. The hiding place in Corrie ten Boom House in Harleem in the Netherlands. Eight adults were hidden behind this wall for 48 hours as the Nazis unsuccessfully searched the house. Seven survived thanks to the efforts of the Ten Boom family.

2. Outside Anne Frank House, the queues stretched around the block to find out about the amazing teenager Anne Frank's diary captivated many, telling the world about the horror of World War II and the sad reality in the concentration camp.

3. Over 40 excited students cross the bridge through the park entering the historical Belgium town of Bruges, the first stop of the Amsterdam Trip. Four countries in one day; England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

2. Outside the commonwealth memorial to all the dead at Tyne Cot in Ypres. Remembrance; "they shall not be forgotten even those still not identified and known only to God."

Spain 2015

Written by Mr Hudson, RS Teacher

Spain trip 2015
After a week of stressful exams it felt nice to just suddenly have a break, especially a five day residential experience in Spain!

On the 6th July, 40 pupils from Year 8 and 9 left their tearful parents at Heathrow airport and flew off to sunny Barcelona. Our hotel was 45 minutes outside of the regional capital, in Calella, but just a minute's walk from the beach. We spent the remainder of the afternoon just relaxing in the seaside town: visiting the shops, chilling in our rooms and enjoying both the sea and hotel pool.

The next day was far more active as we were up and out of the hotel and travelling in to Barcelona. This time we went to explore the many stalls and markets of “Las Ramblas” and to gaze in wonder at Gaudi’s beautiful creation, the Sagrada Familia, a church which is a Unesco World Heritage site. We only paused to have lunch in Parc Güell where we spent a couple of hours just enjoying the warm weather.

We were all very excited about visiting the Port Aventura theme park, however, less so at the early rise! 'Stampede,' 'Dragon Khan' and 'Hurakan Condor' were just some of the rides members of our group braved when we arrived at the park and I was particularly pleased to have gone on 'Shabalala,' the highest roller-coaster in Europe!

On the fourth day we set off into the mountains, travelling in a very rocky cable car, and visited the monastery at Montserrat, home to a sculpture of Catalan’s favourite saint, the ‘Black Madonna’ who is supposedly blessed with powers to answer people's prayers. Once safely down the mountain, the football fans of the group stared in awe as we entered the Camp Nou, home of the best team in the world, Barcelona. We all gawped at the club’s massive trophy collection. The biggest surprise, however, was the outrageous amount of euros an FC Barcelona shirt cost!

We spent our final day in Spain, much like our first, just relaxing in Caella and buying last- minute souvenirs for various family members. Eventually, we did have to leave and, after saying goodbye to Barcelona and our Spanish friends, we drove back to the airport. Unfortunately, the goodbyes did not end there as, once back in England, we all had to say “Adios” to Rodrigo, in Year 9, who was off to Peru and Krystella in Year 8… Even Mr Richardson was leaving us, however, we still had the last few schools days to wish him well.

The trip to Barcelona was a massive success and no-one could say that they didn’t say they had a good time - even the teachers!

Spain 2015 - Students’ Favourite Experiences

The things I remember most were the theme park, the mountain walk and when we would be able to relax. The reason I enjoyed these things was because I love times when we were just allowed to chill with our friends. For example we were allowed to just relax in the area we stayed at. We could just go to different shops and explore the area we stayed at. I also liked when we could just chill in our rooms to relax after a long day.

The reason I enjoyed the Port Aventura (the theme park) was because the rides were amazing and it was a great day. I would recommend people to go on to the trip because it's a great experience and it's a way of growing up. It’s a way of growing up because we had to be places on time and to look after yourself when you are alone.

We also went to the Camp Nou and just walked around and saw some incredible things such as the trophy room, the pitch and the changing room. The trip made me meet and get on with a lot more people.

Charlie (9R2)

My favourite experience was going to Port Aventura because it was a really thrilling experience and made Thorpe Park look like child's play. What made it really exhilarating was the fact that we never ran out of rides to go on and there was always more to explore. Another factor that made the park fun was the fact that it had such a wide variety of food cultures and places to eat which solved any problems on what you wanted to eat.

The best ride at Port Aventura in my opinion was Dragons Khan because it had loads of loops and really surprised me as I was not expecting the ride to go so fast and turn so many times. All in all, I think Port Aventura was a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone. I would definitely go again.

A new thing I experienced was seeing the Sagrada Familia church. It was a great experience and as a non-Christian it still was an impressive building and makes you admire the passion people have for worshipping and how important it is to them to make their places of worship mean something. It really does look as if it’s taken 100 years to build because the architecture was mind-blowing and the stained glass windows made the whole church glow. This was a great experience.

Dillon (9R1)

The thing that I remember the most about Spain is going to Camp Nou since Barcelona are probably the best team in the world, so I was honoured to go inside their stadium. I also liked the field and the trophy room. Montserrat was an amazing experience since it was the first time I went up a mountain in my life and the view was beautiful.

Callela’s beach was very long and wasn’t too crowded, the sea was cold at first but you got used to it after and it was refreshing after a hot day. Porta Ventura was a thrilling experience and even better than Thorpe Park! My favourite ride was Shambala because it felt almost unreal!

Sagrada Familia: the structure of the building was brilliant. The colours of the stained glass windows were very bright and very fiery. The history of the building and architecture is also fascinating. Overall the trip was fantastic and I would recommend it to Year 8.

Dominic (9R3)

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