Welcome to the transition page for Richmond Park Academy. It has been designed to share as much practical information with Year 6 parents as possible as their children embark on the next, and very exciting, stage of their educational journey. Within these pages, you will be able to access copies of the transition letter and documents sent to you in April and a whole range of information from what trips you can start budgeting for to what your child needs in their pencil case! If there is something missing please contact us, or use the form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll do our best to share the information.

For the Diary            Letter and Forms            SEN            Student Group Organisation

Uniform            Vision, Values and Code of Conduct            Pencil Case Check            Extracurricular Activities

Communicating With Us            Making Payments            Year 7 Trips            Show My Homework

Communicating With Us            Ski Trip to Switzerland            Year 6 Parents' Information Evening Presentation