Communicating with you

RPA will communicate with you via email and text. We have your email address from your registration but please inform us if that email address changes or if you wish to add an email address. We are also in the process of launching an RPA app. We update our website on a frequent basis so we would encourage you to save Richmond Park Academy in your bookmarks. RPA is also on Facebook and Twitter. You will also receive a termly newsletter outlining what has happened in the school in those six weeks. Past issues of our newsletter and Park Life magazines can be viewed here.

Communicating with us

Secondary school can feel very different after the 'school gate' experience of primary school. RPA are very open to communication and take their relationships with parents very seriously. The main RPA contact email is You can also contact your Year Leader, Tutor or subject teachers should you wish for a specific response to an issue. You can find teachers emails on the Staff Email Addresses page.

The Parents & Community Advisory Board (PCAB)

RPA's governance comprises the AET Management Board which has statutory responsibility and the PCAB. The PCAB board's main responsibilities are to celebrate the strengths and achievements of RPA, act as a link between and school and be an independent point of contact for stakeholders to express concerns or make suggestions. You can find out more about the members of the PCAB on the governance page and you can contact the team at

Communicating with each other
The RPA year Group Communities are similar to the Year Representatives in Primary Schools. Their task is to encourage year groups to socialise and work together. Last year the year group communities galvanised the whole school to donate towards Christmas gifts for the teachers which resulted in a whole range of hampers being delivered to school for the staff to enjoy.