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The homework policy for parents/carers can be found below. Homework should be seen as preparation for the next lesson(s) and is an integral part of the curriculum. It is set regularly with each student having a weekly homework timetable. Homework is recorded on Show My Homework (SMHW), an online tool for teachers to upload the homework set and any accompanying worksheets or URLs needed. Parents/carers do not need a SMHW account to access the homework. They can do so via the Richmond Park Academy website.  However, in order to just see your own child’s tasks please download the SMHW app and request an updated parent password from the IT department.

Your child should also record homework in his/her planner which is issued termly. The planner is designed to be a practical link between the home and the school; the homework timetable is written in here. Please check your child’s diary and books to ensure that homework is noted, completed to the best of the child’s ability and neatly laid out according to the school’s presentation guide, ‘DUTCHMS’.

    D     Date
    U     Underline
    T     Title (Underline)
    CH   Class or Homework (Underline)
    M     Miss a line
    S     Start

Staff can also add, if relevant,  ‘LOK’  = Learning Objective & Key Words

The Student Planner contains lots of information on school expectations and advice on planning and managing time. A general guide is that a child in Years 7, 8 and 9 should be spending between 45 and 120 minutes per night, rising to between 90 and 150 minutes in Key Stage 4. 

Homework Policy