We are pleased that your child has been offered a place here at Richmond Park Academy. We know that, for some students, moving from primary school to secondary school can be a difficult transition. Here at Richmond Park Academy we offer an extended transition programme for those students who are particularly worried, have special educational needs that may mean transition is difficult, or who are otherwise vulnerable.

We are currently finalising our programme but it is likely to be every Thursday during term time from 11 June between 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Students do a mixture of fun activities designed to get them used to our school site, meet some of our current students and get to know our staff. Activities in the past have included outdoor games, light sport, computer-based drawing, ICT activities including the use of video cameras, social skills activities, technology activities and science activities.

Parents and carers are also welcome to join us if they are able, both to make their child feel more comfortable and to meet some of the other parents and carers. If your child has a learning support assistant or teaching assistant with them, this person is also welcome to join us for the hour to help us ease the transition. Although limited, we are able to provide some 1:1 support if this is necessary. If your child has a close friend coming to the school whose presence on this programme may help them feel more comfortable, this can be considered.

If you are interested in your child being a part of this programme, please contact me using the details below to register an interest. Due to the nature of the programme, places are limited and those students who appear to have the greatest need of the programme will be considered first.

We look forward to seeing you,

Helen Morris
Richmond Park Academy
020 8876 8891

Extended Transition Programme timetable

(will be published here when available)