What groups are the students organised into?

Richmond Park Academy is organised in a number of ways:

Year Group
Each year has a Head of Year or Deputy head of year. It is their job to ensure that their students are organised and well behaved and achieve the academic levels that they are capable of. They are supported by a Progress Leader, a member of the Senior Leadership Team, who tracks progress and ensures that Year groups keep on track.

Tutor Group
All students are divided into tutor groups. These groups are completely mixed ability. As a rule, tutors will remain with their groups from Year 7 to 11 so they are the person who is likely to know your child best. There is a Tutor Time period on a daily basis where Tutors share school news and instructions. Work related learning is shared during Tutor Time.

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Teaching Groups
All students in Year 7 are taught in mixed groups with differentiated learning organised by the teacher. The teachers are well equipped to achieve this because they have all of the incoming data sets including SAT and CAT scores. Many of our students are HPA students who have achieved strong results at Key Stage 2 level. Research shows that mixed ability groups with differentiated teaching deliver stronger results across the school community.

House Groups
Students are divided again by House Group. There is an extensive list of activities which students can participate in which will gain their house credit with winning the House Cup as the incentive. House names are Bulldogs, Foxes, Dragons, Lions, Eagles and Deer. In year 7, the six tutor groups will be one of those groups. So, 7 Bulldogs, 7 Deer etc.