MOTTO: "To make our best better"
VISION: RPA: an inspiring learning community on a journey towards excellence
MISSION: Richmond Park Academy is a school that will do everything it can to enhance its students’ education, by constantly inspiring them - from entry right through to 6th form. The Academy will do this by its imaginative curriculum offer, its range of creative and complementary activities and its outstanding teaching. Our students will develop skills for life: a love of, and respect for, learning; the highest personal expectations (“to make our best better”); and a well-developed code of moral values. They will leave RPA as accomplished young citizens, well prepared for further or higher education and the world of work.

Our Values

Richmond Park Academy values students who:

  1. Have great Pride in themselves and their school
  2. Are hugely Aspirational
  3. Are Resilient, confident learners
  4. Are Kind, Courteous and responsible citizens of their communities
  5. Have a range of interpersonal and work-related Skills which will enable them to flourish in later life

Our Code of Conduct

  • Remember value 4: be a courteous and responsible citizen.
  • Respect others and ourselves: hands, feet and objectives kept to ourselves.
  • Be ready to learn: be punctual, bring equipment, follow teacher instructions and meet RPA expectations.
  • Act safely and responsibly inside and outside the classroom and when travelling to and from school.
  • Allow just one person to speak at a time and let others learn and flourish.
  • Be a team-player, be proud of others’ and your own achievements and support one another.
  • Be ambassadors for our Academy and our community.

Our Expectations

Our expectation of maximum achievement in all areas from all our students is as rigorous as we want them to expect of themselves. We expect students to:

  • Be ready to learn: be punctual, bring equipment, follow teacher instructions and meet RPA expectations.
  • Attend on time, wearing the correct uniform and equipped with the correct resources to contribute to lessons; ensure phones and electronic devices are kept out of sight at all times.
  • Actively participate and engage in learning at school – in class, in extracurricular activities and at home, so that they can profit to the maximum from what the school offers.
  • Observe all Richmond Park Academy policies.
  • Show resilience and determination but ask for help if a solution cannot be found.
  • Behave in a way which allows them and others to learn and flourish in school and maximise their and others’ enjoyment of their time at Richmond Park Academy.
  • Show respect for the school community and the local community at all times, including travelling to and from the academy; behave always in a dignified and thoughtful manner so that you are a credit to the Academy at all times.