Courses for entry 2017
The 6th form curriculum offers academic and vocational qualifications that are challenging and valued by higher education institutions and employers. Outstanding teaching by subject specialists will ensure each student is stretched and challenged. Each course will provide sound instruction and opportunities for independent learning. While focus on outcomes is at the fore, teaching and learning will instil a passion and a real love for learning.


Entry requirements
Courses will have their own requirements, though generally, to study A-Levels students must have at least seven B grades at GCSE and at least five in maths and English. To study the Level 3 BTEC, students will need five A*-C grades at GCSE. The courses will run subject to interest. If you wish to discuss any of the courses in more detail, please contact the course lead. If you would like advice on which courses to choose, please contact one of the 6th form team.

A and AS level reform: the reform
The content of all AS and A-Level qualifications is being reviewed.  Universities are involved in this work through a process led by Mark Smith, ALCAB (the A level content advisory board) and/or awarding body advisory groups.

A and AS have been decoupled.  This will come into effect as each subject is reformed.  AS will then be a freestanding qualification which does not contribute to the A-Level grade.  AS and A-Level qualification will be assessed at the end of the course. AS qualifications are being designed to be taught alongside the first year of an A-Level course.

Non-exam assessment will be used only where the content/skills cannot be assessed in any other way and the intention is to make most AS qualifications exam only.  Two grades will be awarded for the A-Level science subjects: an exam grade, and a separate pass or fail grade for practical skills. The grading remains as now for AS and A-Level there will be a revised methodology for the calculation of the A* at A-Level. 

The reformed AS and A-Levels will be phased in between 2017 and 2019 (awarding).  From 2019 it is proposed that all existing AS and A-Levels which have not been reformed will cease to be offered. First teaching of new AS and A levels in September 2015.

  • art
  • biology
  • chemistry
  • economics
  • English literature
  • history
  • physics
  • psychology

The first A level examinations in these subjects will be in summer 2017 (AS level in 2016). The last examination of existing A levels in these subjects will be in the summer of 2016.

Subject content for teaching from September 2016

  • geography
  • modern foreign languages
  • PE
  • philosophy and ethics

Subject content for teaching from September 2017

  • mathematics
  • further mathematics

Ofqual has completed a consultation on which other subjects should be reformed and which subjects should no longer exist as AS of A-Level.  Announcements are expected during the autumn term 2014.  These subject will be reformed for first teaching 2017, first AS exam 2018, first A-Level exam 2019.